Miryah Hibbard

Miryah Hibbard, RN, ADN

Harborview Medical Center, UW Medicine
Seattle, Washington
United States

Mirayah is pro-active, compassionate, understanding, mentor/preceptor and a team player. Was recently hired as RN3, education expert on 5E.

Mirayah goes out of her way for her patients, advocates for them when she feels like the MD's are not addressing there concerns or needs. Miryah also frequently precepts/trains new RN's on the floor, she is understanding but lets them know what the priorities are and is honest w/them regarding their progress.

She is an excellent team player-goes out of her way to assist when other nurses are behind, provides assistance in troubleshooting and when she is in charge she advocates for the staff, keeps us calm when we are very busy and/or crisis. She is always smiling, pleasant to work with. Deserves the DAISY Award, for sure!

Miryah always comes to work with a smile on her face and a drive to help her patients and fellow staff. She is always a patient advocate; one of those nurses that is not afraid to get a patient out of bed who needs to mobilize for the first time or repeatedly call a physician to come see a concerning patient.

Miryah is a steady calm when she is in charge and is the perfect balance of soft and strong. She listens and supports families when they are worried. Miryah is the exact kind of nurse I would want to take care of my family.