Nancy Hampton

Nancy Hampton, BSN

Broadlawns Medical Center
Des Moines, Iowa
United States

When I was thinking about what the DAISY Award stood for, one name came immediately to mind – Nancy Hampton, an RN on MSP.

I was recently a patient on MSP. I was given some news that scared me to death. I was on the verge of hysteria at one point. Although many, many wonderful caregivers on MSP helped me through this most difficult time, Nancy was the one that was my strength, my hope, and my anchor while I felt I was blowing in the wind. I received the news alone. I was so scared of the possibilities that were laid out to me that I was absolutely beside myself. Nancy did not treat me like a nurse who should be able to digest and deal with my situation. I did not feel like a nurse. She treated me like the scared patient that I was. Nancy sat on my bed and held me while I cried. She didn’t say anything at first but I could feel her compassion and caring flow into my heart. I will never forget those moments.

She asked me if she could poke her head in my room once in a while and, of course, I said “yes.” During my entire stay she did just that. Sometimes it was just to smile and say “hi.” Other times she sat with me and talked. Those moments were precious to me. When we finally learned that I was going to make it through this round, she was again there to cry the happy, relieved tears with me. I will never forget the time she spent with me.

I have heard for a long time that Nancy does little extras for patients. Everything from giving them money to help buy medications to buying a patient a bidet so that she could care for herself at home. I now know that she does so much more for patients. Every nurse should aspire to be as compassionate and caring as Nancy.

Thank you for considering Nancy Hampton for the next Daisy Award. If there was ever someone who deserves a sculpture called, “A Healer’s Touch,” it is her.

Submitted by a fellow nurse at Broadlawns Medical Center.