Nancy Sarratt

Nancy Sarratt, RN

All Children's Hospital
St. Petersburg, Florida
United States

I am nurse at All Children's Hospital. But last month, I was just another mom when my 2 day old baby was transferred to the All Children's Hospital NICU. I had always heard how good our NICU was and now I can personally vouch that this is true. This was such an emotionally devastating time for us and all of the NICU nurses and staff took such good care of us. One nurse in particular stood out - Nancy. After being told especially overwhelming news from one of the doctors, Nancy stepped in and allowed us to hold our little girl for the first time. I was an emotional wreck after hearing the bad news, but being able to hold and snuggle with our precious baby meant the world to me, especially since we had barely been able to touch her, much less hold her. A day later, we came into the NICU to find that Nancy had some "play time" with our daughter overnight, and there was a beautiful present waiting for us. Nancy had done a plaster casting of our daughter's feet and had made a beautiful page with the heart plaster attached for a shadow box. Watching Nancy care for our baby Addison, I could tell that she truly poured her love out into her work. I was able to go home at night and rest assured that Nancy was loving our daughter and just providing her with the wonderful care that only someone who truly loved their job can do. We were facing decisions about our daughter that no parent should ever have to face. But Nancy's kindness and compassion was so comforting and calming during this time. Our beautiful Addion passed away when she was only one week old. We never got to hear her cry and only got to see her open her eyes once. We have so few memories to hold onto, so the kind gifts from Nancy are things that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Nancy is truly a model of excellence in nursing and is so deseving of the Daisy award.