Naomi Bell

Naomi Bell

Naomi Bell, LPN, BA

Occupational Health
VA Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics
White City, Oregon
United States

Naomi works tirelessly to meet the needs of employees (who are Veterans in many instances) and Beteran patients alike. She has been a singular champion for the flu Campaign for three years now and works to ensure that our Veterans recieve the best possible care and prevention of the flu through the appropriate vaccination of the Veteran and portection of them through vaccination of the staff members who care for them. By reducing the spread of te flu to our Veterans she is literally saving lives every day.

She has also been instramental in specific issues for employee who have been inadvertently injured through needle stick injuries. She has worded with the Veterans in question to assess them in terms of any potentially transmissible disease and has worked with the staff member in question to assuage their anxiety and assist them in getting the care they need in order to ensure their ongoing health and well-being.

Her effors on the organizational health committee, the DAISY committee, All Employee Appreciation and Nursing Professional Council ensure that the staff are emplowered,cognized and valued so that they in turn provide the support and service to our Veterans. Through her tireless efforts to enusre that all employees (46% of which are Veterans) are helath and have positive attitudes about the care they provide, she is in turn ensuring that our Veterans across the system get the best care possible.