Natalie Dew

Natalie Dew

Natalie Dew, BSN, RN

Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant Unit
UC Davis Medical Center and Ambulatory Care
Sacramento, California
United States
Natalie sat with me and let me cry it all out and patted my leg.

Natalie was like an angel to me when I came to Davis 8 Oncology Unit. I was near collapsing from exhaustion and emotional and physical distress. She sat with me and let me cry it all out and patted my leg, held my hand and reassured me that I was just overwhelmed and needed rest. Additionally, I was struggling very hard with the decision to do chemotherapy or not and again she was patiently explaining the details and side effects, and her experiences with it from a nursing point of view.

Because of her care, I began to turn the corner physically and emotionally and decided that chemo was the best course for me. She stayed by my side all along the way and never made me feel that “I was asking too much”.

This has made a huge difference to me as I am only 37 and battling stage 4 colorectal cancer. She helped give me the courage I needed to take the next steps on this incredibly challenging path. God Bless her!