Nia Gantt

Nia Gantt, RN

Palmetto Health Richland
Columbia, South Carolina
United States

I would like to nominate Nia Gantt (CCU) for The DAISY Award. This exemplary young lady lives the standards of behavior and the vision of Palmetto Health each and every day. Her positive attitude, love of nursing, her compassion, skill, and generosity are an inspiration to all. I could write pages about her, but will share just a few examples about this remarkable young lady's commitment to service and excellence and how she impacts the lives of her patients, her coworkers, and PHR. She makes a difference and is a shining example of what is right in healthcare and the nursing profession.

When the inclement weather hit in January, Nia was the first to offer her services to our unit. I remember her calling the unit that Monday morning, as I was looking at the schedule for the tenth time and trying to adjust assignments to match our limited staffing numbers work. We were very short staffed and some of our nurses could not get in due to the snow. Nia was not scheduled to work, but wanted to help in any way she could. Not only did Nia come in to work that shift, but worked the following day as well. These two shifts were in addition to her normal scheduled shifts that week. She did it all with a warm beaming smile and a positive, uplifting attitude. Her love of nursing and for going above and beyond inspires everyone.

In addition, Nia is the first to pitch in to help her coworkers on the unit. Frequently she rounds in CCU when her own workload is momentarily complete and assists turning patients, helping with transports and transfers out of CCU, or with bedside procedures. When her co-workers are looking for someone to work for them or to switch a day on the schedule, Nia is the first to offer. When I think of the word teamwork, Nia is the first person I think of.

I will give you one example of how Nia's "just doing my job" attitude impacts our patients and their families in the CCU. The wife of this patient asked that I recognize Nia for going above and beyond for her and the entire family.

Mr. Twas admitted to CCU on 1/15/2011 after suffering a cardiac arrest in the ED. He was taken urgently to the cath lab where severe three vessel disease was discovered. He was on a ventilator with multiple drips. Brain anoxia from the cardiac arrest was suspected. Nia cared for Mr. T over the next few days. She reached out to the family, especially Mr. T's wife, who never left her husband's side. Nia's compassion and understanding left a lasting impression on the family. She comforted the entire family as they tried desperately to grasp the magnitude of the brain injury and the difficult decisions that lay ahead. Nia set up patient conferences with the physicians, stayed at the family's side, as their advocate and friend, as they watched their loved one slowly deteriorate. Nia spent multiple hours consoling, listening, and answered countless questions in a kind and loving way, all while she continued to give exemplary care to this very critical patient. The decision was made to remove Mr. T from life support. Nia was not scheduled to work on the day that Mr. T was to be removed from life support. Mrs. T requested that Nia be with them during this time. They had a bond with her and wanted her there during this difficult time. Without hesitation, Nia offered to come in. As the endotracheal tube was removed and Mr. T slowly slipped away.....Nia held the family members, cried with them, and provided the entire family comfort and compassion. During one of the worst times in a family's life, Nia was at their side. Mrs. T told me that Nia's presence during her husband's death meant the world to her and she did not know how she could ever repay Nia for her kindness. Nia did all this after working extra shifts that week to help her coworkers. I remember seeing Nia that day. She was exhausted, between work and her classes at school, but Nia didn't want any recognition. She didn't see this as anything special, just the right thing to do to help her patient and their family. She is indeed a unique and special young lady who makes a difference. After Mr. T's death, Nia quietly left the unit without fanfare or pats on the back for a job well done.

She exudes compassion each and every day. She went above and beyond to ease this family's pain. But this is not an isolated case. You will find Nia on the unit on her days off to check on her patient's progress. Despite college classes to further her degree, she takes the time to make a difference to not only her patients, but to everyone she meets. She is recognized countless times during patient rounding, employee rounding, through emails from other departments, and on discharge calls. She lives the vision of Palmetto Health and excels in every category of the standards of behavior. I could go on and on....but words simply cannot express the positive impact that Nia has on our unit and in our patient's lives. She is most deserving of The DAISY Award and I proudly nominate this outstanding angel here on earth.