NICU Nursing Team at Mercy Hospital Springfield


NICU Nursing Team at Mercy Hospital Springfield, RNs and more

Mercy Hospital
Springfield, Missouri
United States
The NICU staff shows compassion and bring healing to our babies and families regardless of their circumstances. No one asks them to do these things and none of it is part of their job description; it’s simply who they are – they care.

I am so fortunate to lead the amazing group of nurses and PCAs in our NICU. This team regularly goes above and beyond for our tiny patients, their families, and also for each other. The things they do tend to be “under the radar” so to speak, but I believe they exemplify what is means to be a Mercy Nursing Team.

This staff uses their own personal finances to make crib sheets and baby blankets for our babies; yes we could purchase these items but then they’d be sterile looking hospital sheets. They purchase infant-styled fabric and make these items to give families a sense of wellbeing and normalcy. Our families have lost their dream of a “normal birth” so our desire is to make their NICU stay as homey as possible. We encourage parents to choose sheets and blankets from our supply; if the nurses find out a particular preference of the family (for example if the dad is a big Cardinals fan), they will be sure to use Cardinals blankets.

A special way they support our families is during a bereavement situation. Some of our team sews gowns for these babies; those who don’t sew purchase materials for those that do. We also have staff that make scrapbooks and beaded name bracelets while others purchase the supplies. These gestures create exceptional lasting memories for families. We recently had a situation during which a baby unfortunately passed away and his mom was not comfortable with her baby in a gown – she preferred a cute sleeper so her baby would look “normal”. The nurse was heartbroken that she could only locate a clean but obviously second-hand sleeper. Although the mom was happy to have it, the nurse rallied her team-mates to create “Grady Gear” in honor of this infant. Now the staff regularly purchases new, cute sleepers to store in a special area designated for Grady Gear. Nurses use these sleepers only for infants that pass away and their family prefers a sleeper instead of a gown. When families will never have memories like a first bath at home, a first feeding, or any other early childhood milestone, these things give families special keepsakes they will cherish.

An ongoing project many staff participates in is knitting hats for our NICU babies. Our patients need to be in a heated environment. When parents remove them for holding, the baby needs a hat to maintain his body temperature. The hats are both sweet and functional. One of our nurses hosts a knitting group outside of Mercy that also knits these hats. It is remarkable to watch the team partner with our community in the care of our babies.

Just this past year the NICU staff spearheaded two amazing projects. One was to transform our unit Christmas tree into a Giving Tree for two local families that suffered great loss in a house fire. Two children lost their lives, four more were hospitalized, and all their material possessions were lost. This staff worked together to provide a very generous Christmas for these children and their families. They’ve also organized a drive for new and gently used books to create an on-site library so parents can read to their baby or his older siblings.

A huge activity each year is our NICU Reunion. It takes weeks of planning. Our staff volunteers their time and also solicits community involvement. This year we celebrated 32 years of NICU at Mercy. We average 400 attendees annually; people that have spent time in our unit.

The NICU staff shows compassion and bring healing to our babies and families regardless of their circumstances. No one asks them to do these things and none of it is part of their job description; it’s simply who they are – they care.

They show concern for each other the same way too, we’re a family. We all feel pain when one of us is hurting. I lost my dad this year after an 18 month battle with stomach cancer. This team, my family, surrounded me with grace and love when I needed it most. This is my personal example, but it isn’t unusual. The NICU Team has endless compassion and generosity for others. This is who they are.

These NICU Team members were honored with this DAISY Team Award:

Jennifer Murray, RNC, BSN; Nurse Manager

Kelly Brown, RNC

Stepfanie Diamond, RN

Brenda Hyden, RNC

Kara Vinson, RNC, BSN

Jennifer Abbey, RN, BSN

Valentina Acevedo, RN, BSN

Natalie Baker, RN

Ashley Ball, RN, BSN

Brian Batson, RN, BSN

Christine Beck, RN, BSN

Ashley Bennett, RN

Lexie Bettis, RN

Julie Blankenship, RN

Michelle Brinkley, RNC

Kellee Chamberlain, RN, BSN

Ashley Clark, RN

Amanda Crayton, RN

Cheyna Crouch, RN, BSN

Cindy Cummings, RN, BSN

Lynette Cummings, RNC, BSN

Kimmy Dalton, RN

Danelle Davidson, RN

Angela Dye, RNC, BSN

Kara Farrar, RN

Hayley Fisher, RN, BSN

Lindsay Fortson, RN, BSN

Candace Garner, RN

Shawna Globke, RN, BSN

Claire Hagerman, RN, BSN

Ashley Harrell, RN

Holly Harris, RN, BSN

Lisa Hausman, RN, BSN

Amanda Hoeflinger, RN

Kristen Inman, RN, BSN

Jeanne James, RN, BSN

Dalton Janssen, RN, BSN

Lindsey Jenkins, RN, BSN

Megan Jorgensen, RN, BSN

Nicole Keech, RN

Eve King, RNC

Rachel Kopsas, RN, MSN

Shelli Lambert, RNC

Ashley Lewis, RN

Lisa Logan, RNC

Breanna Losch, RN, BSN

Karen Maleare, RNC

Erica Mariage, RN

Meredith Martin, RN

Renay McCarley, RN, MSN

Olivia McGoon, RN

Christin McLemore, RN, BSN

Jennifer McTague, RN

Johanna Medina, RN

Stephanie Merrifield, RN

Kim Metcalf, RNC

Diedre Mitchell, RNC

DeAnna Montenegro, RN

Janna Murphy, RN, BSN

Ashley Murray, RN

Susan Long, RN

Tacy Parker, RN, BSN

Shanda Postlewait, RN, BSN

Emily Presney, RN

Emily Redfearn, RN, BSN

LeAnn Rens, RNC

Bridget Rice, RNC, BSN

Shanin Rissman, RN

Latasha Rockwood, RNC

Regina Rorrer, RN

Jill Rosell, RNC

Janine Sachs, RNC

Christina Shockey, RN

Christina Sickmyre, RN

Ashlee Smith, RN, BSN

Mandi Stephens, RN

Sandra Stewart, RNC

Tammy Strickland, RNC

Rebecca Thompson, RN

Alisa Wieneke, RN

Kelsi Yates, RN, BSN


Allison Ball, PCA

Megan Bourns, PCA

Elizabeth Hedgpeth, PCA

Amber Kirksey, PCA

Marcy Sapp, PCA

Tristin Simpson, PCA

Patricia Smith, PCA

Ashley Stirewalt, PCA

Beverly Trantham, PCA

Priscilla Thornton, PCA

Christian Walter, PCA

Christine Wiseman, PCA