The Nurses of Johnson 6 at Beverly Hospital

Staff from Johnson 6

The Nurses of Johnson 6 at Beverly Hospital

Johnson 6 (J6)
Beverly Hospital
Beverly, Massachusetts
United States
From left to right: Beth Ananian, CA/AA Carol Hennessey, AA Jannell Foster, NM Elizabeth Sweetman, RN Rugh Galuska, RN Sarah Blanchard, CA

The top floor of the Johnson building is fondly known as Johnson 6, or J6, or Bartley. The staff cares for a wide variety of patients. The patient population on J6 ranges from the post-op patients, to cardiac patients, to respiratory patients, to those patients with behavioral problems or substance abuse disorder, as well as dying patients. The staff must be prepared to provide the best care to any one of these people at any time. And they do. Compassionately the J6 team does this each and every day. They respectfully care deeply about each other and proudly providing the best care for their patients. Just as Florence Nightingale quietly carried her lamp to watch over patients, members of the J6 team quietly and humbly care for a wide range of patients and one another.

Last May, the team on J6 demonstrated a caring and compassionate moment like no other. One of their own long-term staff members was terminally ill with little support outside of work. He referred to J6 staff as his family and his non-traditional family was there for him in countless ways. As he dealt with his incurable diagnosis, his J6 family rallied for him. The team members visited him daily; they shaved him, repositioned him, talked to him, they held his hand, they were simply present. In his final hours, he was never alone. As his spirit left his body, he was surrounded by his family of the past 20 years - J6 staff members. Each member of J6 was a part of this caring and compassionate time. They supported each other physically and emotionally as each dealt with this sad loss. They made it possible to be with their dying colleague and friend. They worked extra so someone could visit him or they offered a hug or an empathetic smile to a colleague who was distressed. Whatever it was, each J6 team member did it humbly and with kindness and empathy.

The J6 team has continued to support other colleagues who have succumbed to ruthless illnesses. For each of these cases, the staff respected the individuals’ privacy as well as provided compassionate care for the patients and their families. End life care can often include emotional support for families as well as education while keeping the failing person comfortable. There is an additional level added when the staff knows the patient. Through all of these times, the J6 team took care of each other, which demonstrates their care and compassion goes far beyond the bedside and patient room.

There are many happy times embraced by the J6 team that exemplifies their care and compassion. Last fall a small group enjoyed a fall day while apple picking. There have been several staff members who have had a new addition to their family, and the staff has celebrated to show they care. With the support of the J6 Unit council, the J6 team had a Thanksgiving food drive and helped feed several families at Thanksgiving. The team also collected money to purchase Christmas gifts for children who were less fortunate. There are countless other examples the J6 team humbly and quietly show their care and compassion at the bedside and beyond. Thank you J6 Team for all you do!


Adel Blanding, RN
Amanda Potter, RN
Amy Dasilva, RN
Beth Ananian, CA
Carol Hennessey, AA
Catherine Silveira, CA
Coleen Cullity, CA
Christine Quave, RN
Debbie Archibald, CA
Dalphine Parker, CA
Daniel Iraola, CA
Daryl Van Straten, RN
Deborah Dadou, RN
Deborah Jackson, CA
Dennis Kanarkiewicz, RN
Diana Fabrizio, RN
Diana Phonesavanh, CA
Diane Foss, CA
Elizabeth Bovio, RN
Elizabeth Sweetman, RN
Elyse Baldini, CA
Emily Groh, RN
Gianna Minyetti, CA
Ginny Hamolsky, RN
Gladys Kirui, RN
Hannah Chmura, CA
Jackie Power, RN
Johanna Gonzalez, CA
Jonathon Dahlquist, AA/CA
Josie Lee, CA
Karlene Soares, CA
Kathleen Marcinelli, RN
Kerrie Leaver, RN
Kristine King, RN
Kris Cloutier, CA/AA
Kristen Boudreau, RN
Lauren Conant, RN
Leah Allen, RN
Leah Heinze, CA
Lijimol Biju, RN
Lindsey Lopez-Borodawka, RN
Loren Christopher, RN
Lori Bernidakis, CA
Lucas Duffy, CA
Magdelena Wroblewska, RN
Maribel Santana-Franco, CA
Melanie Roy, RN
Michelle Salvati, RN
Michelle Gelinas, RN
Michelle Horrigan, RN
Nicholas Jacobberger, CA
Nicholas Remy, CA
Nicole Doyle, RN
Nicola Pellegrini, CA
Ruth Galuska, RN
Sandra Hart, RN
Sara Kauffman, RN
Sarah Noone, RN
Sarah Blanchard, CA
Susan Carlson, RN
Sara Ploss, RN
Shannon Comer, RN