Patricia Andrle

Patricia Andrle, RN

Infant Care Center (ICC)
Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States

Pat consistently meets all of the criteria for the Daisy Award, however, last night she was amazing. Her primary infant was dying and he was DNR status. Pat recognized that he was going down hill fast and immediately called in the mom. The mom made it into the unit just in time to hold her son while he was taking his last breaths. Pat was there the whole rest of the shift for that mom and baby. She sat with the mom and continually told her what a good mom she was and this mom really needed to hear that. After the family left, Pat took great care with the baby and got some keepsakes like foot and hand-prints and locks of hair. Pat focused on the family and the baby that whole shift. I know this must have been especially difficult for her because she has a new grandson that was about the same age as the baby. Pat always does her best at work, but last night she was truly amazing!