Peter Del Buono

Peter Del Buono, RN

Houston Methodist Hospital
Houston, Texas
United States

My father was transferred by ambulance to The Methodist Hospital. While we were waiting in the room, Peter came into the room and introduced himself as the nurse for that shift. We began to visit with him and there was definitely something that shined about him as he worked with all of his patients. You could actually see the gentleness, care and love that he had for them as well as his job.
About 8pm that evening, we were moved into a private room once it became available. There was only one chair that made a bed, so I slept that night in a straight chair. All of the staff had noticed this. That evening, after Peter was off from work, he went to his home and brought a reclining chair back for me to sleep in. This was only one way that Peter went over and above his job.
As a manager of a bank, I know a valuable employee and what an asset they are to business. Peter is definitely at the top.