Rachel Aquino

Rachel Aquino

Rachel Aquino, RN, BSN

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Princeton HealthCare System
Plainsboro, New Jersey
United States

Rachel was the nurse in the NICU where my son was being admitted. Rachel was so compassionate for her patient (my son) that I felt that my son is in "good hands" even better than mine when I was going home leaving him behind in the hospital.

Rachel is young and energetic and very soft towards her patients and their parents. When I first saw my son who was delivered in 32 weeks and six days, I started crying. I couldn't stop thinking "how am I going to take care of this tiny baby". Rachel gave me a lot of moral support and said that "don't worry he'll not be tiny always", he will grow up. I was so much spiritually uplifted.

I nominate Rachel just to thank her and say that "my son and the whole family appreciate her love and care.