Rachel Boes

Rachel Boes, RN

Mother/Baby Unit
Miami Valley Hospital

Rachel was my nurse in July 2010, on Maternity 1. She is kind, patient, compassionate and non-judgmental. My baby was born a month early and was in NICU. Rachel took the absolute appropriate level of concern about him – not pressing too much or asking too little – while caring for me. She trusted my judgment of comfort, taught me self care and was kind to my support person and visitors. She kept me secure and relaxed enough to pump a full bottle of breast milk for my preemie on my first try! She was persistent in reminding me about my food in the fridge (a happy thing)! She was very smart, professionally groomed, and always smiling. I did not feel embarrassed to ask her questions. She was efficient, thorough, and gentle during assessments. I could always find her when I needed her. She was even willing to stop by and help me after giving report to the night nurse. I was so happy she was my nurse during my stay. Each day she was my nurse was a good day! I would be really surprised if she hasn’t already won an award. Thank you, Rachel!