Renata Ellis

Renata Ellis

Renata Ellis, RN

Indiana University Health West Hospital
Avon, Indiana
United States
Without Renata there, I'm 100% sure that my pushes would not have been as effective.

Renata Ellis was crucial to the successful labor and delivery of my baby girl. As a first-time mom, I was not very confident I could do things properly during delivery. However, Renata spoke to me in a way that totally changed my attitude.

Throughout the 24-hour labor, the baby's heart rate would dip, and I had to be flipped and moved frequently. On one occasion the baby’s heart rate dipped low very quickly. While nurses worked to give me oxygen, Renata was there reassuring me through the entire process. Her attitude and actions made me completely confident that we were going to turn things around, which we did. The heart rate came back up and we continued through labor.

After the baby was delivered, the doctor and some of the nurses mentioned that the delivery had been getting very close to needing to be a C-section. They congratulated me on the situation not having to come to that because my pushes were very effective and got the baby close enough for the doctor to help get her out.

Reflecting on those nice comments towards me, I couldn't help but think that the compliments needed to go to Renata. She connected with me throughout the entire time I needed to push, and I felt empowered because of her. Without her there, I'm 100% sure that my pushes would not have been as effective and that we would have ended up going to a C-section.

One morning where Renata was not scheduled for an actual shift, she stopped by to visit us. She came in wanting to say hello and mentioned that she wanted to see the baby's full head of hair again. She said that with the sincerest smile and it really brought joy to my heart. Renata was exemplary at demonstrating every single characteristic of a DAISY Nurse.