Renee Green

Renee Green, RN

Pediatric Surgery Recovery Unit
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
New Brunswick, New Jersey
United States

I am a 17 year old boy who just finished a 6 day hospital stay for the Nuss procedure. All my nurses were great but one really stood out. She is Renee Green. When her shift ended, it felt like a friend left. She was engaging and always interested in what I had to say. My procedure was very painful but she seemed to know exactly how I was feeling. When she filled my IV she was always back immediately when the IV monitor went off to give me the pain meds. She timed it perfectly. This made such a difference because I didn't feel that terrible pain. Once when we were talking, she left right away and came back later saying she was sorry to run out but she needed to attend to another patiend needing pain meds. That meant so much to me because I knew that's how she ran when I needed pain relief. She was so funny and interesting and even showed me a photo of her son. She told me the coping strategies her grandpa taught her when she was little and even stayed one night about a half hour on her personal time just to talk and laugh and make sure I was feeling OK. Whenever I needed it she would always calm me down. I can't think of anyone who deserves a special recognition more for excellende and tender-heartedness and I hope you choose her for the extraordinary nursing care she provides kids like me. Mark DiDonato