Ron Albright

Ron Albright, RN

Marion General Hospital (OH)
Marion, Ohio
United States

Mary Ann was reviewing unit expectations, etc. with a new nurse from 2-North. The new nurse commented on a situation that she found herself in regarding “patient advocacy.” The new hire presented in the POCU unit for her own surgical procedure/experience. She felt pressured by a physician to have a procedure that she did not want and she stated so, but it fell on deaf ears. The patient was well versed on the benefits of the adjunctive procedure, but still declined. She stated that she was “so impressed” with the male RN who advocated her wishes on her behalf. Her caregiver, Ron Albright made it a point to go to the physician and discuss that this patient did not want the procedure.

It takes a lot of courage at times to be a patient advocate. Ron set an example for not only a patient, but a new nurse on the importance of patient advocacy and the ultimate patient experience.