Sabrine Mbarka

Sabrine Mbarka

Sabrine Mbarka, RN

Keleman 8 - PCU Med/Surg/Tele
Cooper University Health Care
Camden, New Jersey
United States

All the nurses and techs were very nice and knew their jobs well, but one stood out the most, Sabrine. Very compassionate, empathetic, great listener. She assisted in all our sometimes-difficult situations. She was very instrumental in getting my ablation done after a lengthy delay due to shortage of staff. She is a wonderful and caring and deserves to be acknowledged and considered for the DAISY Award.


My husband was hospitalized on Wednesday afternoon for ablation. It wasn't done Wednesday or Thursday. On Friday all day he was being told by Sabrine that he had 2 scheduled before him, then he was next, around 4 pm. He hadn't eaten all day. At 5 the doctors came in and said that they couldn't do it so he could go home and come back Monday. Sabrine knew my husband was very upset and his patience was up. He started packing to leave and not coming back at all. Sabrine was calling the doctors for him. She was so understanding and patient. She kept checking up on him. She called the doctors to tell them he was leaving and not coming back. She then told him please don't leave, let me call the doctor first. Well, they decided to do the procedure right then and there. He was back in his room by 8 pm all done. The doctors and staff stayed later to do the procedure. Everyone was awesome that afternoon.