Samantha Girardot

Samantha Girardot

Samantha Girardot, RN

Med Surg 2 (Pulmonary)
Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center
Athens, Georgia
United States

Samantha had my respect and trust almost immediately upon entering my room.  She was thorough and efficient in getting my course of treatment started quickly.  During my 8 day stay, I had 3 surgical procedures done.  After each procedure, Samantha came into my room to answer any questions I had regarding results, procedure and the next step to take.  If I became frustrated Sam was excellent to give me reasons to believe positive thoughts.

Sam has set very high standards for herself which ensures patients in her care have the best possible attention needed to get them well and going home quickly.

Sam is not only a very professional nurse, she is a very loving and helpful person most would be lucky to get to know.