Sandra Church

Sandra Church

Sandra Church, RN

Phelps County Regional Medical Center
Rolla, Missouri
United States
When Sandy was finished with the dialysis she always had a smile and pleasant attitude.

Sandy and B connected instantly.  They joked and kidded each other as though they had known each other forever.  When the lab nurses had difficulty finding a vein she tried, but only a couple times because she did not want to cause him more pain than necessary.  Finally, a nurse from ICU was called and had success.  Sandy was very professional when taking care of his dialysis, which can be a bit daunting when you don’t have to do it a lot.  She was extremely careful to follow procedure and to not compromise his port.  When she was finished with it she always had a smile and pleasant attitude.

When she met my daughter, she told her how much she like B and me, and had good things to say about us.  That was not necessary, but my daughter said that she was very sincere.  So far in our stay, she has made it very comfortable and pleasant for us as much as possible.  I have come to have a special feeling for her and all of these wonderful caring angels!

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