Sarah Bunch

Sarah Bunch

Sarah Bunch, RN

Surgical Services
Flaget Memorial Hospital
Bardstown, Kentucky
United States

Sarah Bunch exemplifies many aspects of being a great nurse. Her bedside manner is second to none and I have had numerous patients comment on how comfortable she makes them feel, particularly in situations that are stressful (i.e. before surgery). She takes time to review the patient's medical history and is diligent in her attention to detail.

...I am an OB/ GYN and we had a patient who was close to delivery but was possibly going to need a C-section. I had the OR team called in (because this was Sunday morning) to be available if needed. The patient did deliver vaginally but the baby had complications that required the attention of the labor nurses. At this point, since C-section was not indicated, Sarah could have left, but that's not Sarah's way. Knowing that the labor nurses were attending to the newborn she came into the delivery room to assist me as I delivered the placenta and performed repair of a vaginal laceration. She updated the patient and her significant other of the baby's condition. After I was finished with the repair she helped me clean the patient and reassemble her bed. She then attended to the patient's needs until the labor nurse was available to assume that care. She did not leave until she checked with everyone and made sure there was nothing more she could do to help.

This is how Sarah is. She is a team player and focuses on patient care first and foremost. I have always appreciated her nursing skills but that morning I also appreciated her selflessness in caring for the patient and assisting me (which falls outside of her assigned duties as an OR nurse). I think Sarah exemplifies what is great in nursing care and is very deserving of the DAISY Award.