Sarah Zielinski

Sarah Zielinski

Sarah Zielinski, RN

Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak
Royal Oak, Michigan
United States

I was recently at Beaumont Royal Oak for a hysterectomy. I was in great pain after the surgery as well as a little upset emotionally due to the nature of the surgery (taking out female parts is so very personal). Sarah was my nurse the night of my surgery. I wanted to let you know that she was absolutely the kindest person that I have ever come in contact with at any hospital, clinic, doctor's office, ER, etc. in my 48 years.

The professional care and personal concern she displayed went above and beyond any kind of regular nursing duties and I was so very grateful to be under her care. I cannot tell you how much better she made me feel each time she came into the room (and not just because she was giving me Morphine!). She is a gem and I wanted you to know what a wonderful job she does.

I truly feel like I was such a lucky patient and I will always remember my stay there with much less stress and discomfort due to her kind and responsive actions, gentle demeanor, and overall excellent care.