Sharon Scarborough

Sharon Scarborough, RN

Baylor All Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth
Fort Worth, Texas
United States

The following are examples of the Sharon's extraordinary commitment to patient-centered care: Sharon is not only a great night shift supervisor, but she is a great person as well. Sharon has been doing so many things for nurse retention in our unit. Sometimes it feels as though she is the only one trying to do something for retention. One example is recently a lot of nurses committed to work overtime with the information from our manager that we would be receiving bonuses for the extra shifts that we worked. It turned out that the hospital was not offering bonuses after all and our manager was going to substitute the extra shifts for 1:1 OAbuy backs instead. Some of the nurses that had worked those extra shifts had no OA's to buyback! Sharon pushed so hard for us to get those bonuses anyway that we eventually did! She often brings in neatly put together "thank you for what you've done for the unit" gifts that include a variety of things. She pays for these out of her own pocket and brings them to us as a thank you for the job we have done. This makes working under the staffing conditions that we have been working under, and working overtime shifts, a lot easier. Knowing that you are appreciated at least by one person at the management level means a lot. Often, many people from other shifts make the comment "wow, your supervisor is great, I wish ours would do the same for us." Sharon is a great listener and very approachable. Although I know that Sharon has been asking for more incentives for the nurses in our unit because of how understaffed we are and has been met with a "no" each time, she never shows any signs of wear or disapointment, even though I know that she has to feel that way sometimes. Sharon is the biggest reason that I have stayed working at Baylor. If it weren't for her positive attitude and wonderful heart, I know that a lot ofl the nurses in our unit would be unhappy or would not have stayed to work here as long as they have. Please consider her for this award, this is one person who really deserves it.