Sheri Fogarty

Sheri Fogarty, RN, BSN

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Memorial Hermann - The Woodlands Hospital
The Woodlands, Texas
United States

From the very beginning of our emotional journey, Sheri has been a rock for us with our son who was born at only 27 weeks. With every high and low moment she has anchored us so we never got lost in the chaos. She showed great patience and kindness; her positivity is uplifting; she constantly updated and explained procedures; very reassuring; inspired us with confidence to take part in our son's care especially because we were so afraid of his fragility.

She anticipated our needs and fears and educated us on upcoming care for our son and in doing so made things less overwhelming. She has not only taken care of our son, but also our family making a point to include my 10 yr old daughter so she would feel important and part of it all. Remembering conversations and things my daughter would have told her totally giving her worth. She even took the time to make her a special birthday card from her new baby brother. These things seem small but to a 10 yr old and to us they were huge and greatly appreciated.

Sheri has gone above and beyond and when we see her name on the board next to ours, we all let out a collective "yes" as we know he is being loved as well as cared for. When I sit with my son, I see her with other families and see her as constant and caring and greatly respected by co-workers. Without a doubt we have been blessed by knowing her.

Sheri's Manager states - This is Sheri's third time in 7 months to be nominated for the DAISY Award. She deserves to be recognized in so many ways- she makes the connections with families and provide phenomenal care!