Stephanie Jordan

Stephanie Jordan

Stephanie Jordan, BSN, RN

Emergency Department
Maine Medical Center
Portland, Maine
United States
Steph brings a personal touch to nursing care for every patient she encounters.

Steph is known for her friendly personality, helpful nature, and most importantly for her genuine sincerity at the bedside. This reputation is evidenced by Steph consistently being recognized by patients and families with thank you cards and emails.

The impetus for this nomination was a voicemail we received from a patient who called to express her gratitude for Steph’s attentive, compassionate care. The patient’s message stated:

“I was a patient there twice last week. I had one of your nurses, Stephanie, she was great and I just needed to let somebody know that.  I was so sick, like ‘ugh, let me die’ sick, just miserable and she made it so much easier. She’s so good at her job. She was funny. She was attentive. She obviously knows her stuff. She was just great and I just have to tell someone that because you know, you come in, you’re sick, and you feel that miserable and then you’ve got a nurse who cares, is really good at her job and adds humor to lighten it up. It just made all the difference.”

Steph brings a personal touch to nursing care for every patient she encounters. She addresses not only the physical but also the emotional needs of patients by connecting with them on an individual level and discerning what thoughtful action she can do to help in the moment. While we never have enough time at the bedside in our fast-paced, busy emergency department, Steph is diligent and focused on facilitating an understanding of that individual patient’s needs, never expressing a sense of frustration or haste. Steph’s commitment to patient-centeredness and her compassionate approach make a world of difference to patients, as it did in this case.