Stephanie Kooi

Stephanie Kooi, RN

5 South
Piedmont Atlanta Hospital
Atlanta, Georgia
United States

There is an art to excellent nursing. In many ways it is using your well matched talents in every aspect of your job, and in others it is choosing over and over all day long to approach your patient with an abundance of sympathy and understanding as a nurse. You have the ability to work so hard to make a very hard time for a patient become much easier; seeing to his needs quickly ( pain meds, replacing IV bags, providing comforts from ice chips to clean linens all without long delays. Further, you can so invest yourself in a patient that you fully understand his/her case, think ahead to what their next need with be, check & recheck lines, tubes, meds, etc in order to give with clear confidence every measure is being secured to enable great health to be regained. There is a willingness to serve endlessly that you are not a bother, rather, that is why they are there to help you- not to just get all items on their list done. An Excellent nurse is all this and more.
Stephanie made every difference in the quality of my husband’s care & recovery and we feel blessed to have had her as our nurse for those 3 critical days. I have now cared for him at Piedmont for 3 separate week long stays and for my children at CHOA for 3 different week long stays and I know a great nurse means everything! Please praise this hard working nurse and fill your floors with more like her.
~ Wife of a Patient