Sylwia Bojarski

Sylwia Bojarski

Sylwia Bojarski, LPN, WCC

Wound Care Center
Advocate Condell Medical Center
Libertyville, Illinois
United States

...There is one area where Sylwia shines - the patient experience. Patients adore her smile, knowledge and exuberance. Everyone knows when she is taking a day off just from entering the clinic, her positive energy is that great. There is often true disappointment noted when patients hear that she is not available.

Sylwia brings joy to her patients even when she has to be firm. Her laugh is infectious and we truly adore her. She encouraged the doctor on a new referral to biopsy a long standing ulceration based on the patient's 5 year previous history of basal cell carcinoma on another anatomical site. The doctor respected her opinion enough to agree. The patient did turn out to have cancer and has been referred back to her PCP for oncology and treatment.

We believe that Sylwia adds so much to the wound care department, critical thinking, implementation of new ideas and best practices and we are so happy that she seems to enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with her. She is an excellent choice for the DAISY Award.