Tanya Clow

Tanya Clow

Tanya Clow, RN, BSN

Ascension NE Wisconsin Mercy Hospital
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
United States
Tanya treated our mother as if she were her mother. That level of compassion, professionalism, and attention to detail was critical for us during such a difficult time.

Tanya went above and beyond to accommodate my dying mother as well as our family during our time at the hospital.  These were our “last days” with our mom, so it was very comforting to know that her nurse genuinely cared for our mom and was empathetic to our feelings.  Tanya was always very prompt, thoroughly listened to our requests and concerns, accommodated all of our needs (patient and family) with courtesy and a smile.  Most of all, she treated our mother as if she were her mother.  That level of compassion, professionalism, and attention to detail was critical for us during such a difficult time.  Tanya never appeared to be overworked or irritated, despite that at times the floor was completely full and we were constantly calling upon her for my mother or for our comfort needs (blankets, etc).  We understood how difficult it must be to juggle being a nurse to patients and a waitress to visitors, but Tanya didn’t show it or ever complain; she made us feel very comfortable.  Example: When we needed to meet with hospice, we were cautious to leave “Mom” alone because she was at a changing point with her condition.  Tanya offered to do her charting in Mom’s room while we had our meeting.  When Tanya was called to a patient’s room, she had someone else come in and watch our mom.  Kudos to Tanya for being such a great nurse! 


When I mentioned to Tanya about a problem I had regarding my swallowing and eating (food goes up my nose), she contacted a nurse practitioner who stopped in to talk to me and check my speech and palate and explain to me how everything works and what my concerns might mean.  She then told me at what point I should see an ENT, like if certain things would change.  This reassured me substantially and I am so grateful that Tanya took the time and care to listen to me and put me in touch with someone who could help me, especially since I was facing a serious surgery.  In the process, both Tanya and I learned quite a bit more about the palate issues that aren’t sometimes easy to diagnose.  Tanya was always right there when I needed her.  She was always kind and understanding.  This was only one of many examples of what gives me the certainty that she is a DAISY Nurse.  All of her actions clearly showed that she cares about her patient in all ways.