Tashi Vega Lhamo

Tashi Vega Lhamo

Tashi Vega Lhamo, RN

Trinitas Regional Medical Center
Elizabeth, New Jersey
United States

Tashi is an outstanding, very compassionate, and nurturing nurse. Tashi met my every need with a beautiful smile on her face. Even a couple of times she came in just to ask me if I was okay, even though I did not ring my bell.

I find Tashi to be very professional with an excellent demeanor. I refused to take my medicine and she explained to me the importance of my decision and the seriousness of my illness and how my decision could affect my illness. She also reported this to the doctor and he talked to me and told me the same thing. I then complied and took my medications.  She also made me feel that everything would be alright if I just took care of myself.

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