Tess Holden

Tess Holden, Registered Nurse

CHRISTUS St. Frances Cabrini Hospital
Alexandria, Louisiana
United States

From one of Tess’ patients

Ms. Tess clearly exemplifies the quality of this hospital. She was kind and gentle, loving and professional while I was copying with this struggle with multiple sclerosis. I truly and deeply appreciate the time she spent with me. She served as a conduit of Jesus’ love in this world at a time when I desperately needed it.

Another patient

There has not been a particular situation it has been everything. She has been helpful and she seems to really care. She keeps you informed. If she doesn’t know the answer to something then she finds out. She has just been great the entire time I have been here.

A patient family member

There is not one situation but a consistent demonstration of professionalism combined with compassionate and efficient care. Tess is a caring, careful, cheerful and efficient nurse!

From Sister Ernestine

Tess is so willing and courteous to accept help in working with her patients.

From Stacey Causey, RN

Tess is ALWAYS trying to go the extra mile for her patients. She ALWAYS has a positive attitude. She maintains professionalism in her work. She is receptive and attentive in learning new skills and procedures. Tess is great at being an advocate in improving patients’ quality of health by screening and administering flu and pneumonia vaccines. She and Dianne R. are 5 North “vaccine champions”! I really enjoy working with Tess. She is a great nurse!