Traci Kalinski

Traci Kalinski

Traci Kalinski, RN

Garden City Hospital
New York, New York
United States

January DAISY Award Winner:
Traci Kalinski, RN
Here’s her story:
From Staff-

Plenty of days, while I was in another patient’s room, Traci has changed and fed patients for me. One day when I was busy with another patient, a family member of another patient came to visit and was so confused and stumbling around when leaving the room to go home. Traci stopped the visitor and asked if she was OK and how she was getting home. The visitor said she was driving and that she felt a little dizzy. Turns out the visitor was diabetic. Traci had the visitor sit down in the lounge and gave her some juice and crackers. Then when the visitor was feeling better, she had transportation take her to her vehicle.

Traci has stayed many nights after her shift has ended and helped change patients, comfort patients and ambulate patients without any gripes. No one ever had to ask her to stay and help, she just did, because she knew we could use the extra hand.

She does monthly skin rounds on patients and is very personable when doing so. I’ve been doing these skin rounds with her for a while now and I have learned a lot from her. She always answers any questions I have and shows demonstrations if needed. She has never made me feel embarrassed about asking any questions. As a matter of fact, she encourages them. She is a great leader and teacher.

Traci is the kind of nurse who puts all of her patients before everything and anything. She‘s a very good prioritizer. Her passion is clearly for nursing! She takes charge without complaining and resolves any issues if need be.

She always spends extra time with her patients and their families to help them feel more comfortable in every situation. She always has a smile on her face no matter what.
She is a great example of an amazing nurse and I admire her for that.

From Physicians-
• One of the best RN’s I have every worked with, always pleasant, nice and kind to my patients. I truly believe Traci is an asset to her unit and well liked by the patients.
• Traci spends extra time each day to comfort a patient’s family and help them grieve their dying family member. She showed a lot of compassion and empathy and takes time out of her day to console them.

From Patient-
She was very nice. She was quick to respond when I called her. Patient said, “I was on isolation precautions for a few days and nobody seemed to want to visit me too much. Traci was the only one that didn’t make me feel like a pariah.”