Tylen Brown

Tylen Bown

Tylen Brown, BSN, RN

Cardiology - Children's Medical Center Dallas
Children's Health
Dallas, Texas
United States
Tylen is blessed to have a very calming demeanor in stressful situations and manages to keep the floor calm as well during Mets, Cats, or Codes.

I would like to recognize one of my co-workers. In my opinion part of having a unit filled with amazing teamwork is having the leadership to guide us (which we are blessed to have). Tylen is part of that leadership team who has helped build the night shift to the level it is at today. She is the clinical informatics liaison for C8, which entails attending monthly meetings and rolling out new information to all staff. She created the telemetry documentation template, the telemetry hand-off template, and rolled out the process to staff. She is responsible for epic changes, epic education, and the binder. Tylen is in charge of the c8 rounding log, family rounding (attempting 5 roundings a shift if time allows). She is responsible for sending recognition emails to staff from family rounding, and discharge call follow up compliments. She takes all rounding reports from the team leaders and places them onto a spreadsheet that she updates weekly. She is in control of medication ESETs, and reviews for errors, and good catch recognition for staff meetings. Tylen completes all CVL, drips, infusions, Foley and EBM (PRN) audits for C8 and sends out emailed information every month. She completes 5 high risks and 5 low risks falls on C8 monthly.

She assisted with C8’s Omnicell reconfiguration and worked day shift to help with the Omnicell standardization. She consistently updates the benefit time and float time logs, assignment sheets, medication schedules, and care team worksheets. She worked closely with the manager to create our new formula room. She is a liaison for the Stanley monitoring system, which included rolling out fridge/freezer compliance with Stanley and AeroScout to HUCs and PCTs. She came up with the heart center monitoring plan, completes random audits, and re-educates when needed. She is also in charge of C8 PAR levels, changes, and additions. This team member is a value to our unit. She is a person who is genuinely happy for everyone. She is one of the most positive people I know and is always recognizing others for the hard work they do. However, she tends to be very shy when it comes to her own recognition. She deserves to be noticed for all the hard work she puts into her job duties, caring for staff, and especially the patients. She is blessed to have a very calming demeanor in stressful situations and manages to keep the floor calm as well during Mets, Cats, or Codes. I have been there for all three and have personally watched her manage to keep us all composed and on track. After a stressful situation, she takes the time to ask staff: How are you feeling? If there was anything they felt like they needed and didn't get? And In their opinion how could the situation have gone better?

Tylen is constantly finding ways for our unit to improve by listening to staff members, patients, and their family. She cares for our unit and our staff. This woman is truly phenomenal, and it is definitely her time to shine!