Vivian Decuba

Vivian Decuba, RN

Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital
Houston, Texas
United States

Vivian is an excellent nurse. When the patient was in MICU she showed true compassion during his discharge. The patient stated he had no ride home. He had called his daughter, but she could not come due to financial hardship. The patient was very distressed and embarrassed. He decided to take the bus home, but Vivian felt that was not a safe option for him due to his continued weakness and COPD. She made a call to the case manager, but while waiting made a call the the daughter. She offered to give her gas money if she could come get her father. The daughter agreed. A volunteer took the patient to the lobby to wait. Vivian went down every 10-15 minutes to check on him and even brought down his lunch tray to make sure he ate before going home. As she put him in the car he thanked her for assisting him in his time of need. He was afraid to be alone. Vivian makes a difference every day, this is just one of many examples.