Wendy Carvalis

Wendy Carvalis

Wendy Carvalis, RN

Surgical Trauma ICU
Tampa General Hospital
Tampa, Florida
United States

I am writing to express my gratitude to the hospital staff at Tampa General Hospital in the ICU, Trauma Unit S, and personally commend nurse Wendy Carvalis whom I had the good fortune of having assigned to me during my stay for lung cancer surgery.

Nurse Wendy exemplifies all the exceptional qualities of the ideal nurse and caregiver. Her sincere caring nature, compassionate heart, and cheerfulness made a difficult time in my life not only tolerable, but a fond memory for my daughter and me.

Her superior care alleviated many of our uncertainties. She went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that my daughter and I were focused on each other and the surgery I had endured, instead of all the other problems that occurred as a result of my surgery.

My daughter lives in Gainesville, is a single parent, responsible for 40 employees at the University of Florida, her job. She had to leave her two teenage children alone and was worried. But Nurse Wendy was there providing advice, empathy and humor.

The peak experience was on Mother's Day, Nurse Wendy was assigned to work. Her son came by just to wish his mother a Happy Mother's Day. Instead of having a negative experience spending this special day in a hospital, Wendy brought her son to meet us and together we had a very memorable Mother's Day celebration, with treats she provided and superbly authentic Thai food.

Nurse Wendy was always happy to see us, was a watershed of information concerning my surgery, quick to attend to my needs by answering the bell and acquiring "Red Aid" support seemingly instantaneously.

She was never impatient, nor annoyed by my reliance on her, she was always there to support me cheerfully.

Being admitted in a hospital for any reason, especially for lung cancer surgery can be, as you well know, depressing, especially during a holiday. Wendy's compassionate spirit and positive aura enveloped us in a sense of safety and positivity. Her kind nature is infectious and a model for all nurses.

To Nurse Wendy, we know it is in your nature to always be this kind to countless lives, but we, my daughter Lisa and I, want you to know that we will be forever grateful and fondly remember our experience with you on Mother's Day 2015, which you transformed from a potentially sad day, to one of sincere joy and happiness. I hope the best for you and your lovely son and daughter. I know others will be touched by your kindness and are fortunate to have you by their side during their most difficult times.