Winnie Ziegler

Winnie Ziegler

Winnie Ziegler, MN, RN, CCRC

Pulmonary Rehab
Mission Hospital - Ashville
Asheville, North Carolina
United States

1)We nominate Mrs. Winnie Ziegler, RN, of Mission Hospital's Pulmonary Rehab for the DAISY Award. She is an outstanding nursing professional, who goes out of her way to assist her patients in living healthier and fuller lives. She is always friendly, energetic, interested in each patient, and her kindness and caring extends to patients' spouses and other family members. Mrs. Ziegler spends her own personal time checking on patients at their homes and researching answers to problems and concerns. Her love of her profession and helping others is obvious and makes our pulmonary experience very enjoyable.

On one of my husband's visits to Pulmonary Rehab, we decided to talk to Winnie about a wound problem he has had for years. Winnie had been very good to us and always listened to our problems with a smile, even when she was busy. She immediately called Mission's wound department to get suggestions. I didn't know at the time that she had attended Emory and had previously done wound and ostomy care. She arranged for someone to meet us and demonstrate types of ostomy bags that could be used on the wound. Because we get wound supplies from the VA, we were told what to order for this purpose.

It has been such a relief for my husband to know he can now manage the wound and be able to continue activities like shopping, going out to dinner, and attending social functions with greater peace of mind. All this would never have been possible if not for Winnie Ziegler! Other patients have also experienced her cheerful dedication. Winnie calls her patients to check on anyone who fails to show up for class, and she visits hospitalized patients and attends their funerals. Kudos to her for her kindness and caring, and thank you to Mission for employing this wonderful nurse. It isn't every day that you see someone this dedicated!

2)We nominate Winnie Ziegler, RN, for the DAISY Award. In 2011, while exercising as a spouse in Mission's Pulmonary Rehab, I had difficulty breathing and chest pains. It was Winnie who suggested that I see a cardiology physician, located in the same building as Pulmonary Rehab. The doctor recommended a stress test and Echo. These tests indicated that the next step would be a heart catheterization, which was performed with two stents placed. Winnie kept in contact with us at home through this process, and that is what makes her a special and very compassionate person.