Women’s & Children’s Special Care Nursery

Women’s & Children’s Special Care Nursery, RNs

Shannon Health
San Angelo, Texas
United States

In the past year, this team has had to change their workflow processes significantly in order to support mothers with skin-to-skin after birth.  These nurses changed the way they care for newborns just after birth in a significant way.  This was a critical piece of the process for obtaining our Texas 10 Step designation.

In addition, they collaborated to review processes, practice, and quality of care in preparation for our neonatal designation.  They have been proactive in collecting data and problem solving to ensure we are providing evidence-based care to our newborns.  Because of their hard work and dedication, we were able to receive our Level II neonatal designation in the Fall.  The nursery staff is a small group of individuals who work very well together as a team and have accomplished a great deal in the past year.

Team Members honored with this DAISY TEAM Award:

Laura Allen

Pierre Calo

Paige Carter

Stephanie Gesch

Rocio Griffin

Carrie Pridemore

Julie Quade, Unit Director

Sharon Rose

Belinda Sellers

Sharla Sizer

Tammy Vanstockum

Felisha Wilkins

Brayla Gesch