Yiting Zhu

Yiting Zhu, BSN, RN

Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University
Hangzhou City, Zhejiang

Yiting Zhu is a nurse in Intensive Care Unit. She took care of a patient who was transferred to the ICU after surgery. He was surrounded by machines. During the next 12 hours, Ms. Zhu was always there with the patient, keeping her eyes on him and the monitors, evaluating the conditions and informing the doctors when necessary. She turned over the patient every two hours, cleaned the urine and stool, and changed the sheets, and so on. She cared for her patient, treating him like one of her family. When the family of the patient came to the ICU to visit him, they witnessed the meticulous nursing care that Ms. Zhu had provided, and they were very grateful.