Zhang Ying

Zhang Ying

Zhang Ying, RN

Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University
Hangzhou City, Zhejiang
It was you who held my hand in yours and gave me the courage to accept the death of my loved one.

The chocolate from paradise

My loved one was sick with advanced cholangiocarcinoma. He’s an old virtuous and erudite professor who has several missing teeth like a child. He loves chocolate! Ever since he became ill, he has stopped eating chocolate. The glory belonged to him had fade away and disease deprived him of his daily living ability. He was too weak to get out the bed. He laid in bed still as a puppet. The medical staff of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital always tried their best to help him, never giving him up, even if there was only one percent of the chance. The spirit shed the light of hope upon him and he was waiting for the miracle to occur. But, the cruel disease ran his life, my loved one traveled closer to heaven day by day. You were on duty that night, you inspected the ward and concentrated on his treatment, as usual, you saw my loved one laying there, breathing weakly and strenuously from the oxygen mask. The monitor showed his heart rate dropping significantly. At 1:00 a.m., you gently patted on my shoulder and asked softly, "Did professor breathe with nodding in the daytime? Then you have to pay attention to his breathing. Please ring the bell to call me if you see any abnormal signs he presents.” At 1:30 in the early morning, I felt my loved one became worse, so I rang the bell for help, I saw you trotting into the ward, and asked me softly, "What’s the matter with professor Z?" We didn’t want him to suffer anymore, so decided not to have a resuscitation on him if his condition deteriorated. Thanks for your understanding and being with me when his heartbeat weaker and slower, 50, 35, 20, until the monitor presented a straight line gradually. It was you who held my hand in yours and gave me the courage to accept the death of my loved one.

The death was not as terrible as I had imagined. I gently wiped the skin of his body and whispered a goodbye to him without crying. You gave me a hug and closed the door gently. How I appreciate your encouragement and support at that very moment. Thank you for helping me share the last significant minutes quietly with my loved one. At that moment, I did not expect any treatment and effort to disturb him. I thought he just needed our quiet company. Today, I brought his favorite chocolate to you, I hope it can make your life sweet, make your whole body full of energy. A thousand words cannot express my gratitude, let the chocolate from heaven bring all the blessings to you!