Kathleen Fleck


Kathleen Fleck

UPMC Mercy Hospital School of Nursing
Pittsburgh, PA
United States

Mrs. Kathleen Fleck is by far my favorite lecturer. She knows how to keep you engaged in the material and make it interesting. She doesn’t let you fall behind and takes the time to explain everything she is going over. She is such a professional on the floor and working with her as my clinical instructor is such an honor. She has helped me grow in my student nurse career so much and I appreciate everything she has taught us. Mrs. Kathleen Fleck is a role model to all of us students and we appreciate her very much. She is another teacher who is definitely deserving of this award.

Mrs. Kathleen Fleck is a great instructor, in the class room and on the floor, she teaches very well, she is clear when lecturing, she is caring and very professional towards the students. She also makes sure we understand thoroughly our materials and any assessments we are performing on the floor.

I feel that Mrs. Kathleen Fleck should be nominated for the DAISY Faculty Award for numerous reasons. One major reason is her approach she takes on teaching us nursing students. Mrs. Kathleen Fleck always demonstrates passion and confidence when teaching. She has a way of holding our attention by being enthusiastic and very informative. Another great reason is her caring personality. She continuously greets everyone with open arms and treats every student equally with the upmost respect. In addition to her personality, she makes each clinical experience worthwhile. Mrs. Kathleen Fleck makes sure everyone is involved with nursing care and provides students with new opportunities when possible. When in need of assistance she is there to lend a helping hand and is easily approachable. She demonstrates patience with learning students and will take her time to explain. I honestly feel that Mrs. Kathleen Fleck deserves this award.

I would like to nominate Kathleen Fleck for the DAISY Faculty Award because she help with encouragement during a time that I was having trouble in my maternal child nursing class. It was about halfway through the semester and I was on the verge of failing. I had been studying very hard for the next unit test. I went in that morning and felt good about the material. About an hour after the exam, the grades were up. I horribly failed with a 61%. I could not hold back my emotion or tears. I went outside to call my Mother (who lives in North Carolina). She told me that I needed to talk to someone. By the time I got back inside, class had already begun. I decided to knock on Mrs. Kathleen Fleck office, because I knew she was one of the only instructors available and who I felt comfortable confiding in. She welcomed me with open arms. She could tell I had been crying and asked if I wanted to talk about it. I went on to tell her how hard I had been studying for nursing, and the outcomes I had been receiving. I told her that I felt extremely discouraged and that I tried everything I could think of, in order to improve my grades. She told me that the same thing happened to her daughter when she went through school. I no longer felt alone. She asked me what else I had going on besides school. She told me that she understands how hard it is and that I will get through it. She motivated me by expressing that she observed my compassion during clinical and that I am meant to be a nurse. My next test score was much better. She taught me to keep on trying and that if I believe it, I will get through it. Without Mrs. Kathleen Fleck understanding and encouragement I may have made it through that semester. I view her as a role model, inspiration, and someone who if I feel I can talk to about anything. She utmost deserves the daisy faculty award because she is the all-around ideal mentor. She changed the way I view my education and learning. She is admirable in the way that she communicates new information. I feel the only better way for me to express my appreciation for Kathleen Fleck, is for her to be formally recognized.

Mrs. Kathleen Fleck uses her herself as a role model to show her students how to be the best nurse amd how to own your practice. She shows and explains how and why you should do things. She won’t’ baby you and will try to get you every opportunity to learn something new and she wants you to master your skills. She treats each student and patient with respect and dignity; she is very unbiased in her teaching. She honestly was the one who made me love nursing. I had her as my first clinical instructor, she pushed us to learn as much as we could and not be afraid of getting into conversations that would help us learn. She taught us to go get our own learning as in looking for things to learn and always be willing to jump on different opportunities. If she hadn’t been my first clinical instructor, my experience would have gone totally different and I could actually have ended up hating it but I loved it honestly and I think it’s because if Mrs. Kathleen Fleck.

During my rotation in Maternal Child Mrs. Kathleen Fleck constantly showed her love for her job and her love for teaching. So often you hear discouraging things about nursing and the “not so glamorousâ€Ã_ job it entails. It was refreshing and encouraging to hear to see someone who has done it for so many years and sill loves what she does, and be reminded of all the reasons I went into this field to begin with. She was eager to teach; especially if you were willing to learn and I feel like I got so much from the course and my clinical experience because of the difference she made.

Mrs. Kathleen Fleck continually sets forth an example of excellence in both the classroom and on the clinical floor. Upon starting nursing school she made all of us feel welcome and encouraged us to do our best and make the most of clinical time. She also set a precedent to “be ahead of the posse, not part of itâ€Ã_ and is an excellent role model for future nurses. She also exhibits genuine care and concern for all of her student and patients and seeks collaboratively with the rest of the Mercy staff to help provide the best possible learning experience. She wears her faith proudly and exhibits fair and unbiased views of nursing procedures and techniques.

I am nominating Mrs. Kathleen Fleck because I believe she serves as a role model for professionalism in nursing. She emphasizes professionalism on the clinical unit and teaching students to carry on these ideals after graduation. She encourages you to be confident in your nursing skills and is always open to answer questions. When I become a nurse I know I will remember what I learned with Mrs. Kathleen Fleck and hope to be as caring, competent and professional as she is.