Kelly Dyar


Kelly Dyar, EdD, RN, CNE

UWG Tanner Health System School of Nursing
Carrollton, GA
United States
Dr. Dyar truly wants every student to succeed and works closely with them to help them reach his or her goals.

As a veteran, adjusting to life outside of the military can be stressful even before the added stress of nursing school. In one of my courses taught by Dr. Dyar several years ago, I performed terribly on an exam. While we cleaned up the exam room, she spoke with me regarding my performance. I know that I have only made it this far in nursing school because of her advice that day. She did not sugar coat anything or offer empty promises that I will do better next time. Instead, Dr. Dyar suggested that I spend more time and effort on actually learning and understanding the material than focusing on any one exam or grade. She also stated that knowing the correct answer to a question means knowing why the answer is the correct choice. While it may sound vague, and some may have felt she was merely brushing them off. I had to try this approach if I wanted to succeed in this program. Since then I have implemented the suggestion made by Dr. Dyar into my study habits and focus on retaining the material, to the best of my ability, instead of merely studying to pass an exam. While my grades have gotten better since our pivotal conversation, I am happier with the information that I have been able to retain and apply throughout my education thus far. Working on the Neuro floor at CHOA for my senior practicum, I continuously have to know the reason for my intervention and why I am completing a task. I truly believe Dr. Dyar has been essential to helping me become confident in my abilities to apply what I have learned. I am reminded daily of what she suggested to me years ago as I step into my next role as a caring nurse professional. I have had the pleasure of being in several courses taught by her and am always shocked at how she approaches each student and situation in a caring manner. She truly wants every student to succeed and works closely with them to help them reach his or her goals. Additionally, Dr. Dyar spends her time conducting research and working with veterans pursuing their BSNs. Through her passion to help our veterans, she not only offers help but also highlights our profession. Dr. Dyar also improves the process for future veterans seeking a BSN by easing the transition period from military life to becoming a caring and professional nurse. Please recognize Dr. Dyar with this prestigious Nursing Award for all she has done and continues to do for UWG nursing students and veterans pursuing a BSN.