Abigail Funk

Abigail Funk

Abigail Funk, BSN, RN

Orthopedics Joint Replacement Unit
Lancaster General Health
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
United States

Abigail Funk was recognized by a patient on 4 Lime for going above and beyond in her care. The patient explained that she suffered from Von Willebrand's disease and required Factor 8 replacement after her Total Knee Replacement. Unfortunately, coordination for obtaining the replacement factor had not occurred preoperatively. Abby worked with the pharmacy department to assure timely retrieval of the medication from Hershey Medical Center that same evening so that the patient's care needs were addressed. Additionally, Abby worked with the patient and pharmacy to assure correct administration of the factor, since there were no apparent policies regarding the administration of this product.

The patient described Abby as being a "highly professional nurse providing quality care." The patient (who is a nurse herself) noted that Abby always asked questions about the bleeding disorder and what the factor was and how it worked. The patient stated that she "appreciated that Abby wanted her input in her care and respected her opinion, sometimes we forget how valuable the patient's opinion can be in healthcare."

Furthermore, the patient shared that Abby was always attentive to her pain and even worked with the patient to coordinate pain medication during the night while she was sleeping. The patient's final comments summarize Abby as a nurse and as a person: "Abby is very exceptional and has a caring attitude above the norm. She was very attentive to me as a patient."