For DAISY Honorees

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Congratulations! You have joined a worldwide community of the most amazing nurses, nursing faculty and students. You are the epitome of nursing’s unique blend of art and science. There are numerous benefits to being a DAISY Nurse, click below to view the full list.


Often DAISY Honorees respond to their recognition with, “But I didn’t do anything special. I was just doing my job.” The DAISY Award helps nurses see in themselves what their patients, families, and colleagues see in them, and learn behaviors that make a powerful difference.

The DAISY Foundation has co-authored an article with Mary Koloroutis, MSN, RN, President of Creative Health Care Management, entitled “Inspiring Nurses to See the Extraordinary in Their Ordinary,” that describes a way for nurses to better understand the impact they have on patient care. Please read and enjoy.

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The Healer’s Touch

Each “Healer’s Touch” Sculpture is hand-carved in Zimbabwe. Learn more about the history and process of the African Stone Shona Sculpture.