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Cookie Policy

Cookies are tiny files that are automatically saved to your computer when you browse sites like They save different types of useful information that help improve your online experience. uses cookies to help us understand how people use our website. They capture which pages are most often visited, how long people spend on each page and what links are used to locate the information visitors seek. We also use cookies that enable us to play videos and slideshows on the website, help with site security when forms are submitted, and provide necessary functionality that allows our site to work properly. We do not use cookies that save our visitor’s personal information.
These files are safe, they are very small and won’t harm your computer – however, we feel we should explain in a little more detail what each of our cookies are used for, what they do and how to delete them if you’d prefer.

What are cookies?

Cookies, also known as HTML cookies, internet cookies, tracking cookies, are tiny text files that are automatically saved on your computer while you browse websites. They save important information to make viewing web pages easier or faster for you.

Some cookies send information to us. For example, which pages on you’ve visited, which you’ve spent the most time on. Others are so that we can present content like videos and slideshows properly.

Are cookies safe?

The cookies we use do not save ANY personal information. The data we receive is completely anonymous and won’t do anything to harm your computer.

What cookies does use?

Below is a listing of all of the cookies we use and why we use them.

Cookie Name: vuid -- required
Source: Vimeo
Purpose: This cookie is necessary for our video player to ensure all of the videos we post will play properly.

Cookie Name: _gali, _gat, _ga, _gid -- optional
Source: Google Analytics
Purpose: These cookies help recognize users like you when you visit They help us track how many visitors are coming to the website as well as other analytical information. No personal information is tracked.

Cookie Name: has_js, DrupalModuleFilter -- required
Source: Drupal
Purpose: These cookies are produced and required by Drupal for site functionality. Drupal is the CMS (Content Management System) that the website runs on.

Cookie Name: _cfduid, PHPSESSID -- required
Purpose: These cookies are required by to ensure our clickable map works correctly. They help with the security and functionality of the clickable/interactive map on the website on our contact us page.

Cookie Name: NID -- required
Source: Google
Purpose: This cookie is associated with Google reCAPTCHA and is necessary for site security. This is used for filling out webforms to make sure a user is not a robot or intending any malicious behavior.

Cookie Name: DAISY_ga -- required
Source: DAISY Foundation
Purpose: This cookie is produced by the website and is needed to save your cookie preference should you decide to disable or re-enable the Google Analytics cookies.

I prefer my cookies baked. How do I remove this kind?

All of these cookies help make your experience on the DAISY Foundation website better and helps us get a better idea of how people visit our site. None of these cookies are harmful and some of the cookies listed on this page are necessary for the site to work properly. However, if you are concerned about having cookies on your computer you can disable the optional ones. Show me how to remove cookies.

More About Cookies

If you’d like to find out more about cookies, the following could be good resources:
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