Health Equity Award

There is evidence that demonstrates health disparities exist in the United States and across the globe, impacted by the social determinants of health. There is also evidence that shows racism to be a public health issue. The DAISY Award for Nurses Advancing Health Equity was created to honor nurses whose work advances health equity, mitigating health disparities that are caused by social determinants of health.

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How it Works:

This new extension of The DAISY Award may be given by health care organizations, schools of nursing, and DAISY‚Äôs Supportive Associations that partner with DAISY to honor their nurses.  This award recognizes individual nurses or nurse-led teams, who go above and beyond in caring for patients and families who are disadvantaged demographically, psycho-socially, or economically.

Honorees may be selected for their contributions within the healthcare facility or their academic setting or in vulnerable communities at large. Nurses in any practice setting or role whose work contributes to improving health equity and providing compassionate, quality healthcare are eligible for consideration.  Honorees will be chosen by DAISY Partner organizations using specific criteria that align with their particular culture and values.

Selection Criteria:

It is important that the criteria for selecting DAISY Nurses Advancing Health Equity Honorees be consistent with the values and culture of each organization and The DAISY Foundation. Each DAISY Partner organization's DAISY Committee will develop specific criteria for selecting these Honorees from among those nominated. Examples of criteria might be:

  • Ability to address social needs
  • Integration of social care into overall care
  • Strong Communication Skills
Presenting the Award:

DAISY presentations are meant to be joyful occasions. We propose that the presentation take place in a location that allows for recipients to be surrounded and celebrated by their staff and their own leadership team. The recognition ceremony, coordinated by the DAISY Committee, may be done as a surprise for the recipient.

The package for the DAISY Award for Nurses Advancing Health Equity includes:

  • Award certificate (this is a Power Point slide that will be emailed)
  • DAISY Foundation portfolio for the award certificate
  • DAISY Lapel Pin
  • Healer's Touch sculpture
  • Team Honorees will receive a plaque and team pin.

We hope you will add The DAISY Award for Nurses Advancing Health Equity to your DAISY recognition program and honor your nurses for their contributions to caring for patients and families whose health is affected by social determinants of health.

To order a DAISY Award for Nurses Advancing Health Equity package, please complete our order form in the Resource Center.