Alice-Faye Crowder

Alice-Faye Crowder

Alice-Faye Crowder, RN

Cardiac Progressive Care
UAMS Medical Center
Little Rock, Arkansas
United States
Alice-Faye is the missing puzzle piece to the weekend night shift. She brings joy, unity, and wackiness to this unit.

I don't have ONE specific time or event that I can recall about Alice-Faye because every time she works she goes above and beyond for the patients, not to mention she is one of the best nurses to work with on F8. I remember one night she basically gave this patient a pedicure. I mean feet soaking in the buckets and all. He wasn't even her patients. She was the charge nurse that night and had patients of her own but the patient was one of our frequent flyers, so she knew him well, and he was so angry. She calmed him down with her "mother voice", did his feet and tucked him into bed. Or another time when we had an elder geriatric patient who was up all night and couldn't sleep. She decided it was time for a bath. Yes, a bath at 2:30 am.  We scrubbed that patient down in bed, I mean really pampered the patient. We gave the patient a manicure and pedicure and song along to the music that was on the TV. So the patient got a live show as well. The patient thanked us and slept the rest of that night. There was another time a patient had been constipated and was taking everything under the sun to have a bowel movement and still couldn't go. After talking to the patient for a while, Alice decided to give the patient a warm Sprite and Prune juice. An hour later we were cleaning up poop. The patient was so remorseful and Alice turned to the patient and said "don't worry about it I'm just happy you finally got some relief", the patient said they have never seen people who get excited about bowel movements. She then said, "better out the backyard then front yard." All three of us laughed so hard. 

I could go on and on about stories with her and patient interaction. I feel like Alice-Faye is the missing puzzle piece to the weekend night shift. She brings joy, unity, and wackiness to this unit all in just her presence. She relates to patients, family, and staff, not with just her 20 years plus nursing experience but with her life skills as well. Alice goes above and beyond every time she is at work. No matter if she is the charge nurse or a floor nurse. She is the model of going above and beyond for the patients. She the model of Excellent Nursing and Patient care. From being a patient advocate when needed to bed-panning and bathing. Alice-Faye Crowder is deserving of this DAISY Award because she leaves an everlasting effect on you if you ever come into contact with her and not just as a nurse but as a person. I believe that becoming a nurse is more than "RN" behind your name. It’s a calling that most people get, she has answered her calling and excelled at it. So if you ever get a chance to meet her don't hesitate to ask her about her pets.

Congratulate Alice-Faye Crowder