Allysha Silva

Allysha Silva

Allysha Silva, BSN, RN

Maine Medical Center
Portland, Maine
United States
Allysha is kind, caring, and compassionate and will always go above and beyond for her patients and her co-workers to do what is right.

Allysha has been with us for about two years now and from the beginning has surpassed expectations as a new graduate. Allysha is kind, caring, and compassionate and will always go above and beyond for her patients and her co-workers to do what is right.

On one particular night shift that I was in charge, Allysha was in an assignment.  She was buzzing about in her normal manner, but seemed to have a purpose in her step. When I stopped to ask her what was going on, she was clinging to hope.  She explained how she had been taking care of a patient in 510, for two nights now and he was in renal and liver failure.  Allysha explained that over the last night and her current shift, she had worked hard to try to give him what he needed, while calling the team endlessly to advocate for him and his needs.  With tears in her eyes she said, ”I just don’t know what else to do.”

When I walked into the patient’s room, his wife was curled up in bed next to him. Although this yellow pigmented, frail man was clearly not feeling well, he held his head high, thanked our nursing staff endlessly, and also mentioned how grateful he was for Allysha.

His wife was hopeful that she would be allowed to stay in his room, and I assured her that Allysha had already advocated for that. At this point, the patient was not on comfort care, and for his wife to stay, it could have taken a bed away from someone else. However, Allysha was very vocal in this matter, which ultimately was in the best interest of the patient and his family.

His wife, and his family also mentioned on more than one occasion how thankful they were to have Allysha as his nurse, and how she was so helpful in explaining processes and coordinating care for him. From personal experience, I can tell you that coordinating care and advocating for patients on night shift is comparable to walking on water. The nurses find themselves hitting roadblocks with every call they make, and most things are left for the day shift, because night shift providers are covering multiple services and they do not know the patients’ history inside and out. This did not stop Allysha, nor has it ever.  Allysha called about countless medications needing to be changed, pain control, and lab values that night for the patient, all the while maintaining a heavy assignment.  Allysha does this with grace and poise.  She is a true advocate for her patients and an asset to Maine Medical Center.

Today our unit received a letter from the patient’s wife.  This letter made me go back to that night in my mind, with Allysha standing by the patient’s bedside, trying to help control his pain and nausea, his wife snuggled up next to him in bed, with years of adventure and love shining between the two of them.  It also reminded me of Allysha taking ownership in the med room that night with tears in her eyes, hitting roadblocks, but also, using her resources, to be able to go that extra distance for her patients. Allysha truly made an impact on the patient and his family, as well as me that night. I feel fortunate to work side by side with her, and to be able to watch her deliver excellent care with integrity and compassion for her patients.

Today I am reminded of how the small things we do as a nurse for our patients truly impact their lives, sometimes forever.  Allysha truly represents everything that a DAISY Nurse should be, by making a difference in our patients’ lives every single day.