Amber Madison

Amber Madison, RN

Home Health
Southwest Regional Medical Center (OH)
Georgetown, Ohio
United States

The following are just a few examples of this nurse going above and beyond the call: Early this year during an ice and wind storm the electric was off in the Village of Aberdeen and home visits had to be rescheduled. This nurse called her patients and checked on them as in our policy. The next day when she made visits, she found 3 of her patients without a heat source or food and the temperature dropping in their home. She immediately facilitated their evacuation to the shelter in the village, with one of them being transported to the hospital for shelter. When she arrived at the shelter, she found there was no food there for them so she went into Ripley and got some food-some donated, some with money from staff. Then in the spring, when this nurse was seeing a patient whose spouse had lost his job, he had no insurance, blood sugar was out of control and his family MD would not see him because he had no insurance and did not have cash for the office visit she made several calls to try to get the gentleman assistance. After calling the family MD office directly the MD agreed to see that patient and make adjustments in his medications. Both of these are certainly above and beyond the call of duty.