Angela Aldridge

Angela Aldridge, RN

UMMC Batson Children's Hospital

She was very caring and helpful with her new diet. She always got things taken care of when and if they were messed up. Example: her lunch, dinner, etc., she always made my daughter smile. Thanks.
She is super sweet, really caring. She listens to me and she really gets to know her patients.
She went above and beyond to ensure our extended stay was comfortable. When our family received very scary and devastating news, she was right there to comfort our family and find out anything we needed to know. We appreciate her knowledge and caring and nurturing with our family.
She is a loving and caring nurse. There were many times that I didn't have enough money to go to McDonald's and she helped me out. She also heard that I wanted the new movie "Borlesque" and she got it for me. She always makes sure that I'm comfortable and don't need anything. She is a great nurse.
She was very patient with my son. She treated him great and I knew that she really cared.