April Cole

April Cole

April Cole, RN

Emergency Services
North Mississippi Medical Center
Tupelo, Mississippi
United States
With tears in my eyes I read a little note she had left him and it said "Keep fighting". My dad told me that was exactly what he needed to hear.

My dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. He had surgery that year, and went into remission after chemo and radiation. We found out this past June 2016 that his cancer had come back and that it was back with aggression this time. So naturally, he has been sick, losing weight, not eating well, and overall just down in the dumps about it all. On August 3rd, I brought him into the ER because of weakness and some nausea that was keeping him from eating for 4 days straight.  April Cole was the RN that took care of us in the ER. 

And when I say she took care of my daddy that night, she took care of him physically and most importantly to me, emotionally.  My dad has struggled with anger and hopelessness since he found out that the cancer was back.  He confessed some feelings to April and she took the time out of her shift to make sure he never felt uncomfortable or unable to voice his concerns to the doctors that came in and out during the evening. She stayed on top of pain medicine, nausea medicine, extra blankets, and snacks as my dad requested them (and let me be the first to say, my dad can be a handful and can be super needy), but she did this all with a huge smile on her face and literal care in her heart. She even searched the floor for a bag of Bugles (these are his favorite chips).

As if all these things weren't a blessing enough, she even visited and talked with my dad once he was admitted to the floor days later after she worked a long hard night in the ER the night before. I visited my dad that same day and the first thing he said was, "Do you remember April, the nurse from ER?" I told him I did. He said "She came to see me today, and it made me feel special.  And look she brought me some Bugles!" With tears in my eyes I read a little note she had left him and it said "Keep fighting". And next to the note lay an empty Bugle bag! My dad told me that was exactly what he needed to hear on days like today when he has more "bad days" than good ones. 

I will never forget the smile and joy on his face when he told me how special April made him feel. He was tickled to death about the bag of Bugles too! She went out of her way and probably has no idea how big of a thing she did by doing something so small -- and that was simply caring. Thank you April!  You were an honest blessing to my dad and my family during a really hard time for us.