Arlene Armatage

Arlene Armatage, RN

Cardiac Cath Lab
Seattle Children's
Seattle, Washington
United States

Arlene works both in the interventional cath lab and the EP lab. But she is the only RN who learned electrophysiology to run the EP computers and work closely with the electrophysiologists. This takes a lot of time, commitment and continued education and learning to accomplish this task and maintain its demanding skill in this specialty area. She is currently training our newest RN, Amy, from PICU, in EP and also shares any of her EP knowledge with medical students, etc. Thus she is a great mentor, teacher and just presented a wonderful talk at nursing grand rounds about what the cath lab is all about. Since her talk, so many are impressed and she has been asked to give it to other groups. Today she is giving it to surgical services. She also developed a total case worksheet in which we input the physicians and their cases each day. Thus they have monthly totals of procedures done. This was done on an Excel worksheet. She is excellent at these kinds of computer based sites. She also has developed the competency list and duties of cath lab staff. This was very instrumental as we have our own dedicated staff now and not a blend with IR. She is very good at defining professional roles for individuals. She is obviously a very hard worker, intelligent, and a pleasure to work with.