Ben Boerner

Ben Boerner

Ben Boerner, BSN, RN

Mount Carmel West Hospital
Columbus, Ohio
United States
Ben showed this patient true compassion and comfort.

Ben was taking care of a confused patient who was very anxious and did not know where his wife was, he thought she was outside in the parking lot, unable to find him. For the first few hours of Ben's shift, the patient was becoming increasingly agitated and frequently crying due to his thoughts that his wife was outside and wouldn't be able to find her way inside to his room on 5 Tower.

To ease the patient's anxiety, Ben got a wheelchair and took the patient outside by the Emergency room and showed him the "parking lot," trying to ease his fears and helped the patient to understand that his wife was not there, and that she was safe at home. Ben brought the patient back up to his room, where he was able to remain calm for most of the night, and was able to get some much needed rest.

Ben showed this patient true compassion and comfort that he would've been unable to find on his own. Even though this man was confused and would probably not remember what Ben did for him, Ben found a way to make a real connection with him, to understand where his fear and anxiety was coming from, and found a way to calm him down. Ben truly went above and beyond for this patient, but he always does whatever he needs to do to care of his patients every day. We are blessed to have him as a part of our team.