Beverley Campbell

Beverley Campbell

Beverley Campbell, RN

Medical Surgical
Broward Health Imperial Point
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
United States

Beverley is a nurse who exemplifies professionalism by her demeanor, appearance and her expert nursing abilities. She is very compassionate about nursing and goes above and beyond to help her patients. I always receive high remarks about Beverley from our patients when performing manager rounds.

I had the privilege of observing her interactions with our patient J. J was a long term patient on our floor and although he was an older adult he had the mental capacity of a small child due to a debilitating neurological condition. J was very polite and kind and would get up every morning and make his bed and looked for staff to show them how well he made it. J was also very creative and would tie his hospital gown into many fashionable styles; some of which we had to immediately intervene for privacy reasons. J did not have any relatives that we knew of because he was unable to inform us of any; he did however plead with us on an hourly basis to take him to his dad's house around the corner, stating his dad is waiting for him. We found out from a visitor that although J did grow up in the neighborhood his dad died many years ago. Whenever Beverley was caring for J she would take the time to hold J by his hand and lead him back to his room (when he came out to the nurse's station in one of his fashionably created gowns) sit with him and listen to his stories about his dad.

J became attached to all of the staff but developed a special bond with Beverley. I would see his eyes light up when Beverley entered his room because he knew through all of his confusion and loneliness that Beverly would be his angel that would take the time to sit and talk with him and make his dark lonely world a little brighter. It is for this and many, many more reasons that Beverley is a DAISY Nurse.